Lena Matiz is a singer-songwriter whose music combines the influences of gothic rock, metal, and folk. To date, she’s released 7 singles with her band The God Fairies, and this May she’s releasing a new book – a 350-page guidebook titled Unleash Your Inner Rock Star.

Writing came early to Matiz in the form of poems, stories and novels, stashed throughout her family’s home during her childhood. She often found an escape from the harsh reality in the pages of a good story and in writing fictions of her own. Lena’s texts speak about dealing with self-doubt and loneliness, and about taking a sober look at the insanity of everything we see around us.  

Lena has held various day jobs – she’s been a waitress, housekeeper, tutor, economist, adult school manager, and more. She also traveled extensively, including long backpacking trips in which she lived for years on limited means – one pair of jeans, two t-shirts, a warm jacket, and a portable clothesline are all you really need to get by. She often talks (and writes) about our culture’s obsession with money, status, and possessions, and defines herself as a minimalist and a wannabe stoic.

Lena’s music could be described as “the love child of hard rock band Halestorm and folk duo First Aid Kit.” Expending upon her musical inspirations she shares, “My music taste is all over the place. I love metal, the raw rage in the genre has helped me cope with negative feelings ever since I was a teenager. On the other hand, I love the sweetness of folky vocal harmonies, which I find soothing as well. I guess the music I make is somewhere in the middle between the two.”

Lena Matiz and the God Fairies bring tons of energy to the stage in the spirit of raw, unapologetic, rock. While many of their songs come to life through heavy drums, distorted guitars, and forward basslines, their music also has comforting harmonies and inherent sensitivity.

The variety of Lena’s artistic pursuits had led to the creation of the book Unleash Your Inner Rock Star. Through the book she aims to inform and inspire anyone, regardless of their level of musical experience or where they are in life, to pursue their musical dreams.

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